Monday, July 18, 2005

Sweet Spud Soup

FROM: Mz Odd
YIELD: 4 servings
POINTS/Serv: 2 points each

1 T slice almond (toast 5 min)
3 C low sod chicken soup
1/3 C fine cut onion
1 garlic clove minced
1/4 C finely cut celery
1 lb sweet potatoes peeled cut into small cubes
1 piece of cinn. Stick/or 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch nutmeg
2 T evaporated milk
1 t maple syrup
2 T plain nonfat yogurt
1/2 teaspoon salt

Toast almonds
Heat a bit of broth and sauté the onion, celery and garlic 5 minutes.
Add the rest of the broth sweet potatoes, cinn. and nutmeg.
Bring to boil then simmer about 15 minutes.
Discard cinnamon stick.
Food process in batches.
Return to pan.
Stir in milk syrup and salt.
Serve. Top with yogurt & almond.

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